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Pages of the Past: the Emerging Patterns exhibition at the University of Toronto

Florence Nightingale Day

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Florence Nightingale Day, 2023

The Power of Visualization

I came to this event because I’m really into visualization. I like how you don’t need to use words to describe something. Instead of writing a whole essay to tell you something, you tell it through graphs, and it’s a kind of art. Like, that graph that [Florence Nightingale] made for the diseases and causes of death is amazing. (Grade 10 student)

AIR Forum 2021
Citizen Data Scientists: Opportunities and Challenges for IR

One of the best conference presentations I have ever been too, hands down. I immediately referred my IR team to watch this session. This would be a GREAT session for Institutional Leadership.

This was a great presentation!!!

Great presentation! I would love to have it available to show the administration at my university.

Superb presentation!! Great analogies! Excellent presentation! Thank you, Aurora and Tony!

One of the best at this year’s AIR Forum. Very engaging and informative. Loved the Car Talk/Click & Clack jokes.

This was by far my favorite session of the conference! Great insight, fun analogy, and excellent comments in the chat.

An idea that came out of this is an AIR training for “citizen data scientists” as a sort of primer for them to learn the basics of aggregating data, etc. Want to be sure this idea gets to the AIR folks.

Using the car analogy was a great strategy! … Great comments..Will be sharing with my colleagues! Thank you.

AIR Forum 2022
Data Visualization Forensics: Techniques To Detect and Debunk Data

Entertaining and informative.

Learned a lot Fun, engaging, relevant session. Best I’ve attended so far! Well done! Great session! Much needed enjoyment!!

I just love anything Aurora and Tony do. Thanks for another great session!

Wow! What am engaging, entertaining, and informative session! Very well done!

AIR Forum 2022
Citizen Data Science in IR: How To Make It Work

Another great presentation, informative and entertaining! (I enjoyed your session last year too.)

Great ideas! Will definitely use some of the suggestions!

Great information presented wonderfully.

Great session Interesting information and very well done presentation.

Wonderful idea to follow‐up on this impactful session from last year.

CIRPA 2017
How to Present Data: Lessons from data visualization failures, deceptions, and disasters

Fantastic. Best presentation of the day. Great Examples and solid take home points.

Best presenation so far! Relevant, informative and funny!

Laughed ’til I cried. But I did also get a good tip as to why not to use donut charts.

Execellent, helpful, interesting

Very funny and enterating but also some good lessons and advice.

Effective graph failures

Very entertaining but informative

Very engaging

This was a fun and humourous presentation. Excellent examples were shown.

Great time

CIRPA 2017
Data versus Evidence: A Hands-on workshop

The group exercise was great

Really really enjoyed this workshop! It was a lot of fun and I felt like I learned a lot from it.

Examples, hands on exercises, humour